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Survive the technology wave
Is IT Taking Over HR?

HR departments are using technology in radical new ways to improve the hiring process. Will your business ride the "Big Data" wave, or get caught in the undertow?
Survive the technology wave
In Defense of the Vacation

One in four American workers doesn't get any paid vacation or holidays! To make matters worse, many employees who do get paid time off don't take it. Does that make us industrious, or crazy? Here's why giving your staff time away from the job is smart business.
Wanna get away?
Wanna get away?
Stat of the Month
Stat of the Month: The Data Tsunami

We know it's a bit ironic to share data on how fast the amount of data is growing, but here are a few facts that made our eyes widen at the seemingly unstoppable growth in global data:
  1. If you stacked a pile of CD-ROMs on top of one another until you reached the current global storage capacity for digital information--about 295 exabytes--it would stretch 80,000 km beyond the moon.
  2. Every hour, enough information is consumed by Internet traffic to fill 7 million DVDs. Side by side, they'd scale Mount Everest 95 times.
  3. 247 billion email messages are sent each day. Up to 80% of them are spam.
Leadership Tip of the Month: Be Willing to Unlearn

Our world is constantly changing. Marketplaces are always evolving. The minds of others are continuously developing. As a result, our knowledge, positions and beliefs can quickly become outdated.

To become a better leader, be willing to "unlearn" things--to change your mind, refine your good ideas, weed out the bad and continuously learn. Instead of focusing on always being right, seek the right outcome.

Developing your ability to unlearn will demonstrate your humility, confidence and maturity to your employees. Ultimately, it will make you a more approachable, authentic and successful leader.
Being Vulnerable Can Actually Make You a Better Boss
Are you covered?

It's April--and your employees are already planning their next vacations. Are you planning for their absence? Give us a call and we can help you arrange adequate coverage during staff vacations to keep your business running smoothly.

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