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Congrats: You Hit Your Goals -- and are Killing Your Company

Congrats: You Hit Your Goals -- and Are Killing Your Company

If employees hit their goals, does it really matter how they get there? Here's why "results-based leadership" can be risky business -- and what you should be doing to achieve the outcomes you want.

Should You Skip Your Morning Joe?

Should You Skip Your Morning Joe?

It depends on whether or not you like talking to strangers. Discover the link among caffeine, personality type and optimal performance levels.

Leadership Tip of the Month: Overcome Your Midday Slump

Leadership Tip of the Month: Overcome the Midday Slump

Consistently doing your best work requires focus -- which is hard to sustain for 8+ hours. Here are three tips for staying energized throughout the workday:

  1. Match your tasks to your natural performance peaks. Find out your highest periods of focus during the day and organize your to-do list around your peaks and valleys.
  2. Move more. Physical activity (a brisk walk or even stretching) boosts alertness and energy levels. The brief break also allows you to refocus your attention.
  3. Don’t rely on caffeine. Coffee doesn't give you more energy; it masks the effects of low energy levels. Use it strategically.
Fact of the Month: High-Value Activities? Most Employees are in the Dark

Fact of the Month: High-Value Activities? Most employees are in the dark.

According to a Harris Interactive / Franklin Covey survey of over 23,000 people, 80 percent of employees don't understand which behaviors, actions or activities generate the most value -- or contribute to their employer's success.

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