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MARCH 2016
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What the Best Recruiting Pros Are Doing RIGHT

What the Best Recruiting Pros Are Doing RIGHT

Growing your team? Do it smarter! Use these hot recruiting trends to beat the competition -- and hire better talent.

I'm not addicted to technology

"I'm not addicted to technology"

Can you even say that with a straight face? Here are five signs you may be a tech addict -- and how to develop a healthier relationship with those devices you can't seem to live without.

Leadership Tip of the Month: Overcome Your Midday Slump

Leadership Tip of the Month: Get over it!

Threatened by people who are smarter than you? Get over it! Great leaders become even more successful when they build teams of true experts in their respective areas. What's more, smart people want to work for secure leaders who will give them room to grow and freedom to innovate.

So if the prospect of hiring someone who knows more than you do about a subject makes you feel vulnerable, push past it. Think of the long-term benefits to your organization -- and realize what a smart move it is to hire 10s.

A World of Tech Addicts

A World of Tech Addicts

A Time magazine international poll of 5,000 people revealed that:

  1. 84% of respondents said they couldn't go a single day without their cell phones
  2. 50% of Americans sleep with their phone in bed next to them
  3. 20% of respondents check their phone every 10 minutes


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