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July 2018

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Workplace Dysfunction: Are You the Culprit?
Workplace Dysfunction: Are You the Culprit?
You work extremely hard, under intense pressure, to deliver on your objectives. But in the process, could you unwittingly sabotage your employees' success? Use these best practices to lead effectively -- without being a you-know-what.
How Will You Use Your 60 Hours?
How Will You Use Your 60 Hours?
Summer is already halfway over -- don't let it slip away! Use these tips to maximize the 60 hours you have each weekend and make every one count.
Leadership Tip of the Month
Leadership Tip of the Month: Nix Knee-Jerk Responses
Do you ever have an out-of-proportion, emotional response to a problem at work? That feeling you get is an “amygdala hijack” -- a chemical reaction inside your brain that releases a shot of cortisol and adrenaline. The next time this happens, here's how you can regain control:
  1. Be aware: Recognizing the signs of an amygdala hijack is the first step in responding effectively.
  2. Look underneath: What's the underlying reason for your strong reaction? What negative outcomes concern you? What beliefs are at work about the situation, yourself and your employees?
  3. Control your response: Take a moment to collect your thoughts. Before you respond, consider what's really at stake -- including the effect your reaction will have on your team.
Fact of the Month
Fact of the Month: The Real Cost of Workplace Dysfunction
Poorly managed work groups are on average 50 percent less productive and 44 percent less profitable than well-managed groups.


Shaking Hands
Need additional staff to hit your goals? Need support for your leadership team? Vector Technical, Inc. can deliver qualified people -- so you can stay focused on your top priorities.

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