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How To Fire Someone

"You're fired."

They're arguably the two most difficult words you can hear. However, if you've ever had to fire someone, you know they are equally difficult to deliver. With just two words, you are dramatically changing someone's life. It's one of those situations they never prepare you for in management class.

While firing people will never be an easy task, it's something every successful leader must learn to do. That's why we wanted to share an article that will provide some valuable tips the next time you have to utter those dreaded words.

Hi Todd,

Ok, we apologize if the subject line gave you a scare. But you have to admit, it got your attention!

On a related note, if you ever find yourself short-staffed because of a termination, Vector Technical, Inc. can help. We can provide temporary staff to fill in while you search for a replacement employee. We can provide job candidates on a temp-to-hire basis, so you can try out a new employee before committing to a hiring decision. And our professional recruiters can direct recruit well-qualified job candidates to shorten your search for a new hire. If you'd like to know more about any of our staffing and recruiting services, please contact me at

Tim Bleich
Vector Technical, Inc.

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