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Strategies for Success
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Hi Todd,

Are you a "horrible" boss?

This summer's blockbuster movie "Horrible Bosses" may have been fiction, but there are some valuable management lessons to be learned from the stars of the film.

In this month's Strategies for Success, we'll provide you with the tips you need to avoid being "horrible."

Tim Bleich
Vector Technical, Inc.

Are you a "horrible" boss?

Do you feel like your employees are watching your every move?

Or are you worried that your employees are plotting for your untimely demise?

Of course they're not, but your team may have seen the summer theatrical hit, "Horrible Bosses."

And it might have gotten into your head--just a bit!

While the film may focus on three employees taking down their evil bosses, your day-to-day work environment doesn't have to be so combative.

How can you avoid seeming "horrible?" And how can you drive results?

In this month's article, we'll focus on five ways you can avoid becoming a "horrible" boss and lead your team to increased productivity and profits.

Did you know?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported last month that the number of unemployed Americans remained unchanged in August (currently at 14 million). While most industries remain unchanged, healthcare jobs increased by 30,000.

Courtesy of the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

Top 5 Television Bosses
You may not be "horrible," but how do you stack up against these memorable TV bosses?

  1. Mr. Spacely ("The Jetsons"): Talk about micromanaging! Poor George Jetson could barely get a minute of work done with Mr. Spacely barging in on his large screen. And forget about working 9 to 5. Poor George was constantly on the clock, seriously impacting his work/life balance!
  2. Larry Tate ("Bewitched"): As the mastermind behind successful advertising campaigns, and boss to Darrin Stephens, Larry Tate withstood many mishaps during eight seasons of "Bewitched." Often at the receiving end of some of Samantha's witchcraft, poor Larry Tate personified the notion of the "bumbling boss."
  3. Michael Scott ("The Office"): Although he always meant well, Michael Scott bumbled his way around Dunder Mifflin for seven seasons. Somehow, his team managed to sell paper across Scranton, despite meaningless meetings, personal distractions and endless office parties.
  4. Alan Brady ("The Dick Van Dyke Show"): Working as the head writer for a successful variety show is hard work: just ask Rob Petrie. But working for egomaniac Alan Brady didn't make it any easier! Brady's temper tantrums and endless demands kept Rob and his writers, Buddy and Sally, busy for five seasons.
  5. Lou Grant ("The Mary Tyler Moore Show"): The grumpy, but loveable, Lou Grant managed WJM-TV during the 7-year run of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." Balancing different personalities (including On-Air Diva Ted Baxter and sarcastic writer Murray Slaughter) wasn't easy, but Lou somehow made it work.
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